The Secret Winery

This is the story of a secret winery located in a mysterious house near the site of biblical Shiloh. The winery produces fine wines that have earned the owner, Mr. Abraham Zu-Aretz, several prestigious prizes at wine competitions all over the world. Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, the winemaker passed away. In his will, the successful winemaker requested that his winery be inherited by the person capable of solving the secret of his exclusive wine after spending just 60 minutes at the winery.

To fulfill his last wishes, his heirs have decided to give you a one-time chance to inherit the secret winery.

Good luck!

How many friends can you bring ?

The game is suitable for 2-8 people.

Choose them well…

Put in 100% effort and you will succeed at your mission.

Escape withing 60 minutes

Worked hard? Cooperated as a team?

Even if you are really good and can deal with the different types of challenges, remember that you only have 60 minutes to escape from the locked room.

Is it possible? Definitely!

Is it a thrilling experience? You bet!

Is it easy and simple? Well, that’s up to you…


Think! Communicate! Succeed!